Luxury magazine Force One includes us in his top must-buy green design ideas - Jardines en Bombillas
Los jardines en bombillas son creaciones unicas de green design. Se trata de un proyecto inspirado en la sostenibilidad ambiental, con el cual quiero otorgarle valor a objectos que serian normalmente desperdichiados.
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Luxury magazine Force One includes us in his top must-buy green design ideas

Luxury magazine Force One includes us in his top must-buy green design ideas


By Chloe Soares


While there’s little doubt that interior design is a clear affirmation of style, in reality its effects are more and more like an infusion of detoxifying tea. We work to adapt our space to our personality so we can feel at ease. Above and beyond style, design becomes a veritable state of mind as we transform our ambient into the snug cocoons we call our homes, always changing and evolving but at our own pace.

Whether it be a large house or a tiny apartment, each of us adapts our domestic environment to our own personalities in search of the right balance. So, whatever your taste, be it Scandinavian, ethnic, vintage or boho, there’s sure to be something to suit your fancy out there somewhere. New year, new trends, and 2017 looks like being an optimistic year full of cosy, elegant and functional ideas playing on colour, form, light and combinations of materials.



The trend toward dedicating generous portions of our home interiors to plants and nature has been gaining ground over recent years, and following the cacti and terrariums of 2016, this is the year to animate your apartments with climbing plants, bringing Greenery into your homes with natural lightness. Climbing plants trailing plants or rooms full of plants, anything goes in this new botanical trend. Paola Ciocca certainly got the idea when she created her Jardines en bombillas, literally tiny gardens in lightbulbs filled with water as vases, for plants with a particular fascination.

You can be just as original if you unleash your imagination!


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